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new new shirt !

sorry diary , i forget to feed you on friday.
friday i was busy quarreling with a jerk.
im sorry diary. the jerk burn me on , and im so hot that time :(
he told his friends that i'm not pretty ! :(

yesterday , nothing special. jogging with pinpin as usual.
but we went to mcd. wondering weather we're getting fatter or not :/
afternoon ,
adam and alwin came to find me , im happy and shocked too.
alwin was too cute that time :D
night ,
i'm just too tired and i slept on 9something.
10something minghooi phone and ask me for hiking .
i rejected because of my laziness .__.

today , an accident happen.
the driver uncle crashed the glass mirror beside me.
the glass break in to pieces then fall on to my legs .__.
no pain , but just some red dot on my skin .__.
night , i went to bj with fellow !
going nike shop to buy bottle and pants for jogging.
but at last , i bought a t shirt !

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