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該告訴誰怪誰 ? 算了吧.

她們會幸福她們會長久..不是我們 :D

在這邊祝福你吧. 有緣你會看到的..


somebody please , no strong anymore :')

yesterday night. i watched a movie. 'yes or no'
the movie is about a tb and a girl in their college life.
firstly the girl is very hate the tb.
but at last they couple up with a good ending.
was a touching movie. earn my tears.

after i watch the movie , already 2am midnight.
so i decide to sleep and ready to school.
as usual i play my phone after i switch off the light.
round 2.30 i think , i put off my phone and ready to sleep.

when i almost get in dream.
suddenly i heard my elder brother made a weird sound.
sounds like crying ? or something crowing ?  or kahak in trachea.
it is weird. firstly i thought he had a nightmare and cry.
but suddenly i saw his hands up and freeze like that.
it shock me. really really shock me. i thought....

i rush down and wake my mum , all of us was waked by the sound.
my bro have no idea on everything. he can't barely move by himself.
cannot drink. and we are so worry about whether he will get STR...
mum , second bro , granpa and me trying to catch my elder bro down the stairs and send hospital.
when we reach the hospital , my bro can move his hand and almost wake.

after the doctor checked, there isn't anything wrong.
but epilepsy suspected.
he lose certain memory which happen after 9pm.

i was so scare i can't barely sleep when i came back from hospital.
i come easily get shock even by a message ring.
what can i do. i can't barely to staunch anymore , somebody help me :')


i want to go the view cafe ! but all the fellow break promise and feeling like don't want to go.
this make me hot.
at last i go avenue , not really happy there.
eating sakae. nothing special. nothing to eat.
eat blackball. nothing special. nothing to complete.

hate that someone object my decision !
especially those who know what i really want.
i hate the feeling tat i had today.

fine , promise myself i'll go buy my cute little bottle one day !
well , a photo a day keeps the sadness away !


new new shirt !

sorry diary , i forget to feed you on friday.
friday i was busy quarreling with a jerk.
im sorry diary. the jerk burn me on , and im so hot that time :(
he told his friends that i'm not pretty ! :(

yesterday , nothing special. jogging with pinpin as usual.
but we went to mcd. wondering weather we're getting fatter or not :/
afternoon ,
adam and alwin came to find me , im happy and shocked too.
alwin was too cute that time :D
night ,
i'm just too tired and i slept on 9something.
10something minghooi phone and ask me for hiking .
i rejected because of my laziness .__.

today , an accident happen.
the driver uncle crashed the glass mirror beside me.
the glass break in to pieces then fall on to my legs .__.
no pain , but just some red dot on my skin .__.
night , i went to bj with fellow !
going nike shop to buy bottle and pants for jogging.
but at last , i bought a t shirt !


no title ._.

hi diary , i just signed in for tagged :DD
not the user-friendly hmm , or maybe i'm stupid .__.
and i get 79 for my science paper.
well , i found some teacher's mistake and i hope to add up become 80 :P

i took a nap this afternoon.
decide to sleep about 1 or 2 hours.
but then i'v sleep for 3 hours.
and i've no reaction and any memory of my mum's was calling me and texting me.
am i die that time ? haha. maybe.

yesterday night i went to overtime !
although i spent many bugs on the beer.
its is worth ! the stupid cute beer solve my sadness and cheer me up ! XD
does anyone meet me ? no.
there aren't many customers there.


脸黑什么鬼 :((

hey friends , 不要脸黑黑对着我 , 我不喜欢.
你在这样下去 , 好朋友我也会把你变陌生人.

今天 , 我还是一样.
过的不充实 .
我会很tulan !
最讨厌的是 , 连digi也抛弃我了 :'(

他的朋友来安慰我了. haha.
她很可爱 , 我不能对她大声.
只好告诉她我不喜欢被安慰. 只是事实啊 :((
知道了下次不要了喔 :PP


nothing to do but silence :)

additional mathematics midyear test today .
i didn't study.
surprise to hear that huh ?
give up my little addmath this time.

i'll just be alright without him , don't I ?
yes , doing a superwoman is my target , never change. 
rich , intelligent , pretty , good in cooking , talking , saving and something else that human can be.
yes , i'll be what i aspect one day.

you bastard , wait to regret that you lost me some day :)
you realize how cute i am ! haha ! 

just don't understand , everyone told me you're lying.
i believe you and ignore those words.
but how you proof it ? haha.
yea it's my fault. i shouldn't go out so frequent ?
fuck. this is how i act everyday bitch !

those who know the thing.
don't console me , i don't need it ! :*