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nothing to do but silence :)

additional mathematics midyear test today .
i didn't study.
surprise to hear that huh ?
give up my little addmath this time.

i'll just be alright without him , don't I ?
yes , doing a superwoman is my target , never change. 
rich , intelligent , pretty , good in cooking , talking , saving and something else that human can be.
yes , i'll be what i aspect one day.

you bastard , wait to regret that you lost me some day :)
you realize how cute i am ! haha ! 

just don't understand , everyone told me you're lying.
i believe you and ignore those words.
but how you proof it ? haha.
yea it's my fault. i shouldn't go out so frequent ?
fuck. this is how i act everyday bitch !

those who know the thing.
don't console me , i don't need it ! :*

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